By Parents, For Parents

We want to make travel with your baby, toddler, or kids of any age a breeze.

Don’t get us wrong, we know it will rarely be smooth sailing or picture perfect. Tantrums, blowouts and meltdowns aren’t reserved for your home. But as parents ourselves, we loved travel B.C. (Before Child) and we didn’t want that to change! Now that we have kids, we’re aware that parents need to make a few changes to their travel plans to suit their growing family.

Who are we?

Our team started the largest parenting platform on the tiny island of Malta called Island Bébé. Over there, our motto is “It takes an island to raise a child”.This is also true with travel. Based on our experience, you can never really prepare for a trip with kids unless another parent has shared their own experience and advice.

Which is why we’re here. Booking With Kids was created by parents, for parents and caregivers. We’re here to give you the easy, accessible and quick low-down on a town, city or country before you get there.We’ll work with our travel partners (yup, they’re parents!) in each location. They’ll fill our guides with tips on what to add to your itinerary to keep your whole family happily entertained – whatever the age!

Happy planning leads to happy travel – enjoy the trip! 

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