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Your one-stop source for tips, tools and resources on travelling with a baby or toddler.

At Booking with Kids, we believe that travelling with a baby is amazing.

There are so many places to explore, so many memories waiting to be made, and so many photobooks to fill. Nothing enriches and nurtures curious minds as travelling does.

But, we’re also realistic.

Travelling with a baby or toddler comes with its own challenges (think messed up schedules, a blow out or two, and maybe even a bout of fussiness for good measure). With the right amount of preparation, however, travelling with babies doesn’t have to result in stress and frustration.

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What to know before you go: our top tips to keep the little ones comfortable and content throughout the holiday.


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What to know before you go: our top tips to keep the little ones comfortable and content throughout the holiday.


Practical guides and expert advice to keep them safe, calm and entertained (while you enjoy the trip too!)

That’s where we come in

This is why we created a one-stop resource for parents: a place where busy parents like you can find no nonsense tips, nifty tools and fab resources for memorable travel with your baby.

Our city guides are packed with practical ideas, discount codes and handy checklists. They’re also full of age-suitable things to see and do in your favourite European cities. From family-friendly cafes and restaurants, parks and playgrounds, must-do activities and tips on where to stay – our guides save you time and money. What’s more – they’ve been painstakingly curated with the help of other European parents to ensure both fun and safety during your trips.

Who says travelling with toddlers is limiting? You can still enjoy cities you love – our guides have you covered!

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Travelling with babies and toddlers doesn’t have to mean sleepless nights, stressful trip planning or blown up travel budgets.

Our selection of resources below, curated by parents for parents, provides all you need to know for stress-free travel with your baby.

You can find our essential travel gear for babies here.

Tips for travelling with a baby

At what age can a baby travel?

Airlines have different rules and age cut-offs when it comes to newborns. A number of airlines will accept infants who are at least 48 hours old, but they may require a doctor’s letter to prove that your baby is healthy to fly. Others require that more time has passed since the birth.

Does my baby need a passport?

While most airlines will accept infants, you also need to take into consideration the time it takes to apply for a passport for your newborn. Babies need passports to travel across border.

Can I breastfeed on a plane?

Of course – all you’ll need is comfortable clothing, nipple shields (if that’s how you usually breastfeed), a cover (if you like), and some snacks.

Can I take baby formula and water on board a plane?

Yes! The 100ml limit does not apply if you’re travelling with a baby. Airport security may ask you to open the containers to check that it is indeed formula and water you’re travelling with, but otherwise you should be all good to go.