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Visit Florence On Your Next Trip With Kids

Florence is an open air museum – there are different attractions to see and different activities for children to do within the city. Travelling to Florence with kids has its own magic.

This guide was created with the support from  Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Ideal for a Toddler


Ideal for a Child


Hotels in Florence

Best Area to Stay in Florence

To better organise your time when travelling to Florence, it’s best to stay in the city centre. However, thanks to the well interconnection by tram to different parts of the city, its easy to reach different areas around the center.

Family Friendly Hotel Recommendations in Florence

Hotel Brunelleschi

Hotel Balestri

Four Seasons

Hotel Adriatico

Villa Cora

Hotel Bernini

Travelling to Florence with Kids
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Piazza Della Repubblica Florence
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Activities for children ages 0-5

Tiring our babies and toddlers whilst they absorb all that is around them.

There are different museums that have many activities for children like the Leonardo Museum.

In Piazza della Repubblica there is an old carousel that could be a good experience.

There are also many playgrounds around the city.


Activities for older kids

Keeping the older kids happy, entertained, and reducing the amount of times they ask for a screen or complain about being bored.

If you’re travelling to Florence with kids, you will find several different museums that have many activities for children like:

  1. The The Istituto degli Innocenti, Along with the Istituto degli Innocenti, this museum offers special activities for families and children,
  2. The Palazzo Strozzi Foundation offers a “Family Kit”, containing material for both children and adults,
  3. The Galileo Museum includes a series of themed tours and workshops that introduce kids to the world of science and its history through play.
  4. Archaeological museum
  5. Palenthology museum
  6. Galileo’s telescopes
  7. The toy soldiers museum (Calenzano)
  8. The Planetarium museum
  9. Firenze for families map

Here are two apps to learn while having fun:

Firenze Game (the free app to discover the city with an addicting game) and

The Medici Game (an investigative video game, at the interior of the Pitti Palace rebuilt in 3D).

In winter at the main Piazza of the Cascine’s park – Piazza delle Cascine, there is a small Luna Park.

Libraries in Florence

In Florence you can find different libraries that have different activities and spaces for children like:

  1. The Biblioteca delle Oblate
  2. The Bibloteca Orticultura
  3. The Biblioteca Pietro Thouar
  4. The Bibliobus
  5. The Biblioteca Fabrizio De’Andrè
acitivites for children in Florence
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Giardino Borgo Allegri Florence
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Parks & Playgrounds

If you’re travelling to Florence with kids, you’ll surely don’t want to miss out on the amazing parks and playgrounds there.

There are many parks in and near the city centre such as:

  • The Cascine park
  • The Giardino Borgo Allegri
  • The Giardino Lungarno del Tempio
  • The Giardino D’Azeglio
  • The Piazza Dei Ciompi Park
  • The Giardino dell’orticultura
  • The Orti Del Parnasso
  • The Giardino della fortezza
  • The Roses Garden

The Fattoria di Maiano is a really good place, where kids can take part in some activities like petting the farm animals.

A great park to have a nice adventure at, is the Parco Avventura Il Gigante.


Family-friendly cafés & restaurants in Florence

Mother and child at restaurant in Florence
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Florence Tram
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How to Get Around in Florence with Kids

Florence has good a transport service. So, if you are in the city centre, you can move easily by walking, by bus or by tram.


Toy Shops in Florence

Girl choosing a toy in toy shop florence

Insider Tips


You can visit the city all year round. However, the best period to visit Florence are the mid seasons.

Climb the tower of Florence’s Duomo

Kids will love climbing all the way up to the top!


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