Travel Tips

Keep your pram

Keep your pram or stroller until the last minute and then check it into the hold at the gate.

Prep for pressure

If baby’s awake during take-off and landing, give them a pacifier, bottle or sippy cup. The sucking motion will stretch the ear canal and help the ears pop.

Plane aisle activity

Don’t let toddlers know they can walk up and down the aisle from the start. Save this for when they really need it.

Screen time

Plane time is screen time. Download their favourite shows beforehand.

Passport Identifiers

Put a different sticker on the front of each passport. It makes it WAY easier to find the right one at airports, customs, etc.

In-flight activities

Pack clean, quiet and compact activities: stickers, pencil colours, activity books & reading books.

Bribe bags

Tots are unpredictable. Packing little bags with candy and earplugs for the staff & passengers next to you may put a smile on their face – and they might help you out when you need it.

Inflatable footrests

Turn your airplane seat into a travel bed for kids with an inflatable footrest that lets your kids lie flat, turning their economy seat into a first-class bed.

Book an aisle & window seat

Middle seats are the last to be filled. If you book an aisle and window seat and the flight isn’t full, you’re likely to have an empty seat between you. Of course, if someone does show up to the middle seat they will be happy to switch to either the aisle or the window and you can still sit next to each other.

Gifts for the flight attendants

We know kids are unpredictable, little treats for the staff/passengers next to you may be enough to put a smile on their face and help you out if you need.

Lights out

Carry something breathable that you can use to build a ‘cave’ around your little one, blocking out disrupting light during naps.


They’re a win-win: They protect your baby’s ears from the deafening plane sounds, and they stop any music, white noise or shows from annoying co-passengers.

White noise

If they’re used to white noise, download an app to play this from your phone. These headphones will drown out any other sounds.

Prep a playlist

Add all your kids’ favourite songs, audiobooks, white noise sounds or podcasts to one, downloaded playlist. Familiar sounds will help them relax and keep them entertained.


All children no matter the age need a passport, even a new born.

Plan around naptime

Try to book your flights during typical nap times, and ideally after mealtimes. Sleeping tots make flights so much smoother.

Laundry on-the-go

Consider packing a small amount of laundry detergent, so you can wash clothes in the sink or bathtub if you run out. Bonus – this peg-free clothes line will have them dry much faster.

Bring your baby monitor

If you’re staying somewhere with an outdoor space or separate floors, bring your baby monitor so you can relax while keeping an eye on sleeping tots.

Pack shoes in shower caps

A great use for those free shower caps – wrap them around the soles of your shoes to keep the rest of your luggage clean.

Outfit change

On a plane or on an outing, pack a spare outfit for the baby but possibly for yourself. Pack them in zip lock bags so any accidents/sickness can be contained.

Reusable Checklist

As you pack for your first trip with a child, make a checklist on your favourite app (Google Keep, Todoist, Notes). Check off the items as you go, but keep the list for the next trip.

Travel with a sling

A sling or carrier can be a lifesaver on a flight. It’ll also free up your arms.

Use packing cubes

These mesh bags come in a variety of sizes and colours. Pick one colour for each family member to keep things organised. Plus, you can start packing these cubes before the bulky suitcase comes out of storage. Bonus tip: Designate a packing cube for emergency clothes that you keep in your carry-on luggage.

Bring your Chromecast

If you are staying somewhere with a TV, bring your own Chromecast. That way you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube or other shows that your kids love.

Portable fans

These stroller fans can be a life-saver for keeping kids cool during nap time.

Pack a wet bag

You can use it to keep a spare change of dry clothes when you are off swimming. You can also use it to keep any remaining wet items separate at the end of your trip.

Pack baby powder

Sprinkle a little onto your little ones’ feet and it will help the sand stay off, making clean-up easier.

Don’t pack sand toys

Buckets and spades don’t pack well. Pick up a cheap set on arrival at local tourist and toy shops, and then leave them with another family on departure to pay it forward!

Waterproof phone case

Keep your phone dry while taking as many photos as you want – even underwater! Pics turn out great with Seawag.