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Travelling with a baby? Here are your essentials! Wondering how to travel with your baby without too much stress? You have come to the right place! Planning travel with a baby is not an easy feat. You will definitely have more bags to carry and more planning to do than when travelling on a solo trip. Having said that, travelling with a baby is definitely not impossible! Trust us…we’ve been there and we’ve done that!

Whether you’re flying long haul to see family or you are planning a short vacation in Europe, learning on the go is what will be most useful.However, there are some tips that we can give you when travelling with a baby (check out our family travel tipse) including essentials to take with you on your trip. From baby carriers, car seats, travel cots, and more…here is the best travel gear to keep in mind when travelling with your little ones. 

Must-haves and top picks for travelling with a baby 

It’s no secret that when you’re travelling with a baby or a toddler, your travel checklist becomes longer and more robust. However, you do not need to overcomplicate things either. Looking at a lot of baby travel gear essentials online, you can find a lot of marketing material placed in there simply for promotional purposes. 

Lists are not meant to scare you! On the contrary, they’re meant to help you on your travel journey. Our aim is to pick out the top travel gear for kids while keeping it simple and stripping it down to the basics. We’ve chosen the below baby travel products because we truly believe that they will make your life easier. 

Feel free to tailor this list as you deem fit before you set out on your adventure with your little one!

Baby Travel Accessories 

There are so many baby travel accessories that you can take with you on your trip but we’re all about keeping it simple. Here are your essentials and why we chose them! 

Baby Bouncer

Most baby bouncers are lightweight enough to move around and take with you, like this one! A baby bouncer is essential, especially if your little one likes it at home. It will provide a cosy place for him/her while keeping your baby happy while you’re busy doing other things for a while. Also, the natural rocking of a bouncer usually brings a comforting effect while also being fun!  

Pillow Mist

The aim is to make your little one as comfortable as possible. This pillow mist will ensure that your baby or toddler drifts off into a peaceful, snoozy sleep, leaving you to enjoy a glass of wine or two! 

Baby Carrier for Travelling 

When it comes to baby travel essentials, we wouldn’t dare travel without a baby carrier! The Baby Carrier One is one of our favourite carriers for making travelling easier. It’s sturdy and structured with various adjustable features. It also allows your baby to sit in a comfortable and protected position while you’re out and about travelling and exploring the world together. 

Here are some other reasons we love a baby carrier for travelling: 

  • Many airlines will insist you check your stroller in at the oversize luggage desk even though it is a lightweight, compact stroller. This means that you will be without a stroller for the rest of your time at the airport. While you deal with screening your luggage, handing over tickets and passports, etc., a carrier is a godsend.
  • A carrier is perfect to allow you and your kid to catch on some sleep when you’re stranded on an overnight journey and the baby bassinets are all taken.
  • Stroller exploration is impractical because so many tourist destinations and sites have steps.
  • You can take pleasure in nature treks thanks to them.

Baby Car Seats for Travelling 

In the end, using car seats to transport infants on airplanes is the safest and most comfortable option. However, it also implies that you must purchase the additional seat ticket.

The benefit of bringing the car seat for the airline is, of course, that you’ll have one for your vacation transfers and taxi rides. Keeping your child safe on the airline and throughout vacation transfers is basically the only reason to have a car seat, even though it is a headache to carry with you.

The Doona Infant Car Seat can act as your two-in-one in one simple motion operation; a car seat and a stroller which is perfect for travelling. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar which acts as an anti-rebound bar inside the car. Its textiles are removable and washable which makes it super easy for any incidents that might happen on the road. 

Baby Travel Cots 

Sleep is one of any parent’s main concerns when travelling with a newborn. Will it disrupt the schedule? Will the infant sleep in a new setting? That is why we put this travel cot in our best travel gear for baby list. 

The Bugaboo Travel Cot unfolds in a second and can fold back in three, and it comes fully ready with a built-in mattress for maximum comfort. Its mesh panels mean that you can view your baby anytime as he/she is always in full sight. Your baby will have his/her own space while you settle in for bed while you’re on holiday.  

Another travel cot on our list is this one from Baby Bjorn. Their travel crib is designed to be the lightest that it can be and also easy to set up and fold in one motion. You and your baby can get a guaranteed good night’s sleep wherever you travel! 

Baby Travel Strollers 

While you will not always use your stroller, we think that it is essential to have one for your peace of mind. A stroller has many benefits: 

  • If your baby is in a stroller, they might sleep better.
  • To protect the baby’s eyes from the sun, the stroller will include a shade roof.
  • You don’t have to strain under your baby’s weight (especially as they get older and heavier)!

Finding a stroller that can be folded up easily, is relatively lightweight, and is portable should be a top priority. Our recommendations are either the Bugaboo Fox 3 or the Bugaboo Butterfly. They are both easy to manage and perfect for any terrain. 

Must-Haves Baby Travel Toys 

While you’ll be hoping to get your baby to fall asleep on the journey, you should carry some toys to keep them occupied. Bring a few of your child’s favourite toys as well as one or two brand-new toys for the trip in addition to their favourite teddy bear for bedtime.

The entire toy box is not necessary for you to bring. You won’t be staying in the hotel for the majority of your vacation, after all! It’s a good idea to pick goods that may be readily transported and easy to clean like the Loveevery Play Kits

That’s all, then! These are the baby travel gear we recommend taking with you on your next trip! While not all of these will be necessary for your upcoming vacation, some of them might be.

Have we missed anything? Which is your favourite product that you simply cannot travel without? We would love to know!


What travel gear do you need while travelling with babies?

Apart from the basics, like clothes, socks, diapers, shoes, and anything that is weather appropriate to your destination, we also recommend a few travel essentials on this page such as travel cots, travel strollers, and travel toys to keep your babies entertained, travel car seats, travel carriers, and also a few travel accessories like a pillow mist to help your baby sleep at night.

What travel gear do you need while travelling with kids?

Depending on your destination, travelling with kids can include the following travelling gear; clothes, socks, diapers, shoes, bandaids, children’s medicine and antiseptic cream, sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitiser, travel stroller, travel cot, travel toys, travel carriers, accessories, blankets, a white noise machine, and other items.

What travel gear do you need while travelling as a family?

Travelling as a family can be stressful but it is definitely not impossible and incredibly worth it to make memories together. Here are some of the travel gear that you might need; a first aid kit, travel stroller, travel cot, travel car seat, toys for the kids, accessories, and more.

How do I choose the best travel gear for kids?

We have made choosing the best travel gear for kids easier. Our page has everything that you need and more. From information about the best travel gear to product suggestions, travelling with your baby has never been made simpler. 

What is travel gear?

Clothing, footwear, accessories, and anything else that might be required for travelling and lodging are all considered to be part of travel gear. Examples of items that assist make a vacation great include travel insurance, technology, photography, hygiene essentials, excursions, and safety essentials. On this page, we are focused on bringing you the best travel gear for travelling with babies or toddlers.