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Visit Bologna with Kids

When deciding where to travel to in Italy with kids, you should consider travelling to Bologna with kids. Although Bologna is known for its food, this small city is easily accessible by walking, with no transportation needed. Thus, it becomes ideal especially if you visit Bologna with a baby stroller. Bologna is quieter than other Italian cities. It is also fun, beautiful and full of culture.

Here’s why we believe that Bologna will make for the perfect family trip:

  • The food in Bologna is great – and you will also find family-friendly restaurants around Bologna – the food capital of Italy.
  • Bologna has a beautiful history, and the centre is easily accessible on foot.
  • Bologna is stroller friendly – The walk under the porticoes is a most loved and pleasant one.
  • Bologna has various kid-friendly museums.
  • Bologna has great train connections which makes it easier to reach.
  • FICO World Eataly is in Bologna – This is Italy’s food theme park, with various options for kids, including workshops and farm animal encounters.

Keep reading on for a family friendly travel guide to help you plan your family trip to Bologna with kids: where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

Visit Bologna with your kids – you’ll  surely love it!

Ideal for a Toddler


Ideal for a Child


Hotels in Bologna

Most of the hotels in Bologna are considered family-friendly, although as with all cities – size of hotel room is something to factor in.

If you are looking for gardens and a swimming pool we would suggest hotels outside the city centre, such as Relais Bellaria or Savoia Hotel Regency, with a huge garden and the only one in Bologna with a pool.

But with little kids who still use the stroller the best way to move in town is staying in the city centre so that it is not necessary to take public transportation.

Hotel Recommendations in Bologna

Savoia Hotel Regency

Relais Bellaria

Art Hotel Commercianti

PHI Hotel Bologna

I Portici Hotel

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San Luca Express Bologna
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Activities for children

Tiring our babies and toddlers whilst they absorb all that is around them.

San Luca Express, the tourist train line created to connect Bologna’s city center with the enchanting Basilica di San Luca, immersed in the Bologna’s hills

The Luna Farm at FICO Eataly World

Fattoria Zivieri with animals

Fattorie Didattiche in Italia – Educational farm with animals

SalaBorsa is a very nice place for kids, it’s the main public library, in the main square, with a big kids section and also a baby section with soft mats to play on.

Giardini Margherita Bologna
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Parks & Playgrounds

There are many parks and playgrounds.

The main one is Giardini Margherita, the best and biggest park in Bologna with playground areas for kids.

Just outside the city, families can find FICO Eataly World, with a lot of children activities and plays, merry go rounds and fantastic attractions for kids including a small entertainment park along with a petting farm.

Outside of Bologna, a great playground is the Parco Giochi Primo Sport in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)


Family-friendly cafés & restaurants in Bologna

Food feels like such a central part of the culture of Bologna. You’re bound to find somewhere to eat and it will be delicious.

Our favourite places to eat when in Bologna with kids:

Tana libera tutti Cafè Bistrot with a children play area

Zoo for brunch

Osteria del Cappello

La Torinese (ice-cream)

Gelato Carpigiani Museum for gelato lab

“Altro?” at Mercato delle Erbe

Mercato di Mezzo

Mercato delle Erbe

Bologna Restaurant
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Bologna Transport
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How to Get Around in Bologna

The city is 100% walkable so it’s just easier to walk.

If visitors need to move with public transportation they can take buses (most of them are pram-friendly) and local trains (also pram-friendly).

Taxis are pram-friendly but you’ll need to request a child seat in advance.


Toy Shops in Bologna

Città del Sole

Giannino Stoppani Bookshop – a temple for kids books

Bologna Toy shop

Insider Tips

Insider Tips


The best times to visit Bologna are late Spring and early Autumn

Public Changing Tables

Not many bars and restaurants have a changing table so the best place to change a diaper is Biblioteca Salaborsa.

The Clock Tower & Asinelli Tower

For families with older kids, climb the towers (the Clock Tower has less stairs than the Asinelli Tower)




What are the top 5 things to do in Bologna with kids?

The top 5 things to do when in Bologna with kids:

  1. Take The San Luca Express – This is a tourist train, that takes you to the top of the hill.
  2. FICO Eataly World – It’s a food theme park with a lot of children activities, merry go rounds and fantastic attractions for kids, including a small petting farm.
  3. Sala Borsa – The main public library in the square, which also includes a baby section.
  4. Fattoria Didattiche – If your kids love animals, then this is the place to go as it’s an educational farm.
  5. Enjoy a stroll under the porticoes.

Which are the best family friendly hotels in Bologna?

If you have little kids who still use a stroller, staying in the city centre would be more ideal.  The best family hotels within Bologna city centre are: Savoia Hotel Regency, Relais Bellaria, Art Hotel Commercianti, PHI Hotel Bologna and I Portici Hotel.

However, if you’re looking for hotels with gardens, and swimming pools, there are beautiful hotels outside the city centre in Bologna like the Relais Bellaria or Savoia Hotel Regency.

Which are the best places to eat in Bologna with kids?

Bologna is renowned as the capital of food, and so you’re bound to have great food once you’re there. Our favourite places to eat when in Bologna with kids:

Tana libera tutti Cafè Bistrot with a children play area, Zoo for brunch, Osteria del Cappello, La Torinese (ice-cream), Gelato Carpigiani, Museum for gelato lab, “Altro?” at Mercato delle Erbe, Mercato di Mezzo, Mercato delle Erbe.

Are there any taxi companies that have a child seat in Bologna?

Book Taxi Bologna – The majority of their vehicles are equipped to hold child car seats. During the booking process, you can also choose to add a child car seat.

Transferro – You can simply add a child or baby seat to your booking.