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Visit Málaga with Kids

Visiting Málaga with kids of all ages is a fun, family friendly city in Spain. It has many fun attractions for all the family. You will also get to experience Spain’s wonderful southern coast.

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Ideal for Toddlers


Ideal for Children


Hotels in Málaga

Visiting Malaga with kids
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Activities for youg kids in Malaga like the ocean aquarium
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Activities for children ages 0-5

Tiring our babies and toddlers whilst they absorb all that is around them.

Visit the Museum Aula del Mar 30 

Visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga with kids. Some beaches have children’s playgrounds including:

  • El Dedo
  • El Palo
  • Guadalmar
  • La Caleta
  • La Malagueta
  • La Misericordia
  • Pedregalejo
  • Peñón del Cuervo
  • San Andrés

Visit a Leisure Center:


Bobby Jump


Activities for older kids

Keeping the older kids happy, entertained, and reducing the amount of times they ask for a screen or complain about being bored.

There are many activities in Málaga for older kids.

Cycle around the city – There are plenty of companies that rent a bicycle for you to go around the city with.

The boat or catamaran’s excursions – These are other activities that have been very popular for families with children.

Segway Tours – Families with older children can enjoy the Segway tours.

Activities for older kids in Malaga segway tours
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Muelle uno stroll in Malaga
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Activities for teens

Tiring our babies and toddlers whilst they absorb all that is around them.

Climbing Centres at BeClimb – Centros de Escalada 

Trampoline Parks at:

Altitude Trampoline Park Málaga and Urban Planet

Escape rooms at:

Escape Room Cluedo Málaga / Escape Room Cuenta Atrás / Escape Room La Puerta de Ara Escape Room Parapark

Skate Park at Skatepark Málaga “Rubén Alcántara

Bowling alleys at Bowling 80

Virtual reality centres at VRFun

Recreational Centres at:

La Casa Invisible and La Caja Blanca

City Graffiti at Street Art Málaga

Cultural activities for kids in Malaga

Stroll along Muelle Uno – A perfect family plan, especially if you go on Sundays, as you will enjoy live music. This walk will take you to the esplanade of the Pompidou Centre and into the more commercial area of Muelle Uno. There you’ll find little stalls for shopping, restaurants and bike rental stations.

Visit the Autocine Málaga

Eco Tuk Tuk – A pleasant way to discover the city with the family (100% electric vehicles)


Museums in Málaga

Enjoy a cultural trip and some historical insights.

Some museums also have activities for children. Amongst, the most popular family-friendly museums, there are:

Family-friendly museums in Malaga like the museum of imagination
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Botanical Gardens Malaga Spain
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Parks & Playgrounds

Tiring our babies and toddlers whilst they absorb all that is around them.

La Concepción Historical – Botanical Gardens – It has 52,000 plants of some 2,200 tropical, subtropical and native species. You will come across different species of aquatic plants, palm trees, ponds, wooden bridges, small lakes, greenhouses, gazebos and pergolas. In the Loringian Museum you will see a variety of sculptures and waterfalls.

The West Park (el parque del Oeste) – This well-known park is located near the Playa de la Here. You can enjoy an infinite number of family activities and celebrations, as it has a picnic area, playgrounds, sports areas, a mini-zoo and a lake, where you can see numerous ducks, turtles and swans.

Alameda Park – Located in the city centre, between the old town and the port, it is a Renaissance- baroque style park with many tropical plants that make it unique and one of the most important in Europe in terms of its exotic flora.

family eating at a restaurant in Malaga
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Family-friendly cafés & restaurants in Málaga

Most restaurants are child-friendly. However, here is a list of restaurants and cafés that offer special services for children, such as children’s menus, play areas, complementary activities for children and such other perks.

Top family-friendly cafés and restaurants:


How to Get Around in Málaga

Málaga is an easily accessible city. You can choose from a selection of travelling methods that best suit you when visiting tourist spots, from buses to trains.

Malaga Transport
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Children toy shops

Toy Shops in Málaga

There are many toy shops.

Some of them include: Imaginarium, Juguettos, Juegolandia, but the majority of them are situated outside the city centre. The most famous toy shop for kids in Málaga (the company established in Málaga) is Juguetes Carrión.

Insider Tips

Best time to visit

Spring and Autumn are great seasons to visit. In Autumn, you can go to the beach till October/November. It is also beautiful to visit in Winter during Christmas time. If you are looking for the sun and the beach, Summer is your best bet.

Dolphin Tour

Go on a boat tour that makes it easy to spot dolphins.


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