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Visit Rome with Kids

Visit Rome with your kids and eat your way through the beauty of the city.

Our Rome city guide is brought to you by Marta Correale- a mama of two in love with her native city, Rome. On her blog, Mama Loves Rome, Marta shares insider tip & advice to help families visiting the Eternal City. 

Ideal for a Toddler


Ideal for a Child


Where should a family stay?

Rome Area Suggestions:


Pantheon / Piazza Navona district (city centre): Close to all Rome’s main attractions, this is a beautiful and safe area with plenty of  accommodation options, restaurants and shops.

Monti district (city centre): 
Close to the Colosseum, this area is a very well served area in close proximity to many of  Rome’s main attractions.  
Trieste /Parioli
Just outside Rome’s historical centre, this is a family friendly, upscale residential area close to the Borghese Gardens, perfect for a more local feel and relaxed place.
This is the best neighbourhood if you want to stay in a green area and do not mind a little longer commute into the city centre proper.

Rome Hotel Suggestions:

Hotel Kolbe: close to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, a fantastic central position, and it has family rooms and a nice outdoor yard.
For a luxury option try, Villa Agrippina, a stunning park and a kid-friendly pool perfect for the summer.  
Family in Rome
Borghese Gardens

Activities for children ages 0-5

Tiring our babies and toddlers whilst they absorb all that is around them.

Villa Borghese
Roman Zoo
Explora, il Museo dei bambini di Roma
Cat Sanctuary for cat loving kids
Golf cart tour for quick overview of the city
Piazza Navona
Villa Borghese
Roman Zoo
Explora, il Museo dei bambini di Roma
Cat Sanctuary for cat loving kids
Gold cart tour for quick overview of the city
Piazza Navona 

Activities for older kids

Keeping the older kids happy, entertained, and reducing the amount of times they ask for a screen or complain about being bored.

Leonardo Museum
Pizza Making class
Welcome to Rome exhibition
Rome Cat Sanctuary at Largo di Torre Argentina
Colosseum visit
Golf cart tour
Piazza Navona
Colosseum Rome
Borghese Gardens

Parks & Playgrounds

Piazza Vittorio 
Equipped play area in the centre of a historical piazza, between the Colosseum and the Train station 
Borghese Gardens
Merry go round, playground, rowing boat rental, bike rental, 
puppet theatre 
Villa Doria Pamphili
Playgrounds, bike rental, lots of space, family friendly café 
Villa Ada
Playground, pond 
Villa Torlonia
Playground, pond, family friendly restaurant/café’ 

Family-friendly cafés & restaurants

Almost all restaurant in Rome are child friendly, in the sense that they welcome kids; however, it isn’t easy to find places with space for them to play.

That said the possibility of eating good food is endless.

For quick options that are useful for on the go moments or early dinners, you’ll also find lots of bakers or pastry shops in almost every corner serving warm food, quick snacks and sandwiches.

Restaurant suggestions:

L’orso ’80
Vast menu, will please all at the table, delicious. A must.
Lola in Via Flaminia  
Nice outdoor area, good quality menu, family friendly 
Café Café
In front of the Colosseum, colourful and family friendly bistrot.
Vivi Bistrot on Piazza Navona 
A nice outdoor patio and kid favourites from hot chocolate to full meals. 
La Naumachia
Traditional restaurant close to the Colosseum. 
Rome Restaurant
Rome Metro

Getting Around

Rome has a public transport system with buses, trams and metro.  
They bring you pretty much anywhere in the city but they are sadly not very easy for prams/buggies to navigate.
Buses/ trams
Kids are free up to age 10. The network is extensive but subject to delays 
due to traffic.
This is a good option if you are staying outside of the centre. Not recommended for 
families with prams/ strollers due to hit and miss accessibility.  
Official ones are white and they operate with a meter.  
Child seats are not compulsory on taxis and they are not provided so with very small kids, we recommend you bring your own or use private app based companies where you can request a car seat.

Toy Shops

Al Sogno
A historic shop on Piazza Navona with lots of cuddly animal toys of all sizes, sometimes as large as the real thing (think giraffes or polar bears!).  
La Citta’ del Sole
A fantastic toy shop with also wooden toys, creative games and books. Address: Via della Scrofa 65
Rome Toyshop

Insider Tips


Walking between one destination and another, is the best way to see the city.

Kids essentials & emergencies

Go-to shops are supermarkets and pharmacies (Farmacie) - these are found everywhere.

Baby equipment

Bring both a carrier and a pram if traveling with very young kids. Prams with bigger
wheels work best on cobbles.


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