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Christina Neag

We had the pleasure of speaking with Cristina Neag from KikiCristinaa on Instagram, a passionate traveller and a loving mother. Cristina shared her experiences and insights on travelling with her 2-year-old son, Jamie. From their recent adventures in Sicily to their upcoming road trip in Greece, Cristina offered valuable tips and perspectives on exploring the world with young children. Discover all about what Cristina Neag had to say.

1.How many kids do you have and how old are they?

I have one boy, Jamie, and he is 2 years old.

2. When and where was the last time, you travelled with them?

In June, we visited northern Sicily (Trapani region) and Palermo.

3. What was that experience like?

We loved Sicily. It was more beautiful than expected. The water was crystal clear and the beaches were great for toddlers because the water was so shallow and there were mostly no waves. I love the cities and the Italian vibe overall. So we visit Italy, every year at least once. Jamie even walked for the first time in Italy last year while we were in Puglia so it is a special place for us.

4. Where do you plan to go to next?

We are doing a 2 weeks road trip in Greece, mainly in the Peloponnese peninsula and ending it in Athens.

5. What’s it like travelling with kids in general? Have you adapted anything on your trips to suit them?

I was afraid we would have to change our travelling style a lot but we didn’t. Of course, we keep his nap time but he sleeps in the carrier everywhere. So exactly during his nap time, we explore the place where we are at. After he wakes up, we go directly to the restaurant while he is still relaxed and then we explore some more together, making sure to include playground stops or beach time. In the evening we usually go back at around 7pm to get ready for sleep.

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6. What are you kids favourite travelling snacks?

He likes to eat bananas and croissants.

7. Do you have any activity essentials for your toddlers on flights/trip?

We take a few toy cars with us, one or two books, something to draw on and that is it. Jamie likes flying and we usually find kids he plays with on the ally of the aircraft.

8. Do you prefer to travel by train, plane or boat?

Plane for us! Even better than car. I find that travelling by plane suits us best. We already had 30 flights with Jamie in the last year and counting! He can move freely in the plane after we are allowed to take the seat belt off and it is also quick to go somewhere especially in Europe.

9. What’s your ideal family vacation?

We are not the kind of family who likes to stay at a hotel. Also, we have never been to an all-inclusive resort, so not that for sure. We need activities, stuff to do, places to see and to explore a lot while we are travelling. We usually start the day by exploring a city or a village and end it at the beach in the afternoon. This way we get both, sight-seeing and beach time.

10. With young kids, do you prefer early morning flight or late night flights? Why?

I actually prefer mid-day flights that happen around his nap time (12 o’clock) because then he sleeps for 2 hours and we are also rested as we have had the whole night to sleep at home. Then we arrive there in time to check in and relax for the rest of the day. But if I were to choose, I would opt for late night flights, purely because I do not like waking up in the morning and the baby sleeps at night anyway on the flight.


11. Any travel tips you swear by?

Leave all expectations, plans and fears at home. When you travel with kids you have to adapt, you need to be open to change and embrace it. Yes, I plan where we go or so but if something comes up, we quickly change and adapt. Less expectations, less disappointment.

12. Travel gadgets or essential you recommend?

For me a recent discovery were the travel cubes! They can fit a lot of clothes and they come in different sizes too. So, I also put them in the handbag filled with clothes. They are really good!

13. Do you have basics you always put in your medicine kit? 

We only take Nurofen for the baby just in case of any pain or fever and essential oils too.

With an open mindset, a willingness to adapt, and a few travel essentials, Cristina exemplifies how family vacations can be filled with exploration, joy, and unforgettable memories. Thank you Cristina for sharing this with us. Make sure to give her a follow at KikiCristinaa on Instagram.

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About Cristina Neag

Cristina Neag is a baby wearing and travel content creator based in Germany and mum of Jamie. She travels the world with her baby while keeping him close and inspires mothers to leave the fear of travelling with your little ones at home and go ahead and do it.

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