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Attention, savvy parents! In this fast-paced world, ensuring the safety of our little adventurers is a top priority. Whether you’re planning a family holiday or just a day out, having the right gear can make all the difference. Enter the world of Kids GPS trackers and wearables – your secret weapon in keeping tabs on your little ones while fostering their independence.

kids gps trakers and wearables

Jiobit Smart Tag

The Jiobit Smart Tag is getting a lot of love for being super easy to use with its handy clip-on design and clever tracking features. It’s like a little helper that sticks to your child’s belt or bag without any fuss, making it a stress-free solution for busy parents.

And get this – it’s got a special charging cradle to keep its battery going strong. You can expect a whole week of use on a single charge, depending on how you’ve set it up and how much you’re using it.

Now, here’s the lowdown on the cost: apart from the initial price of the device, you’ll need a monthly subscription. They’ve got three different plans to choose from – the one-year prepaid plan is £8.99, and the no-contract plan is £16.99 per month. But the good news is, no matter which plan you go for, you’ll get to enjoy continuous connectivity, real-time location tracking, and even directions to exactly where the Smart Tag is hanging out.

Here’s a cool feature – there’s a little emergency button on the front of the tracker. Give it a press, and it shoots out an alert, zapping your child’s live location straight to your phone. Just a heads up, though – this emergency magic is part of the Protect plan.

Made with children in mind, the Jiobit Smart Tag is loaded with features to help you keep a watchful eye on your little one. But, fair warning, having that extra peace of mind comes with a bit of a price tag because of the monthly subscription. It’s one of the pricier options on our list, but if you’re looking for top-notch tracking, it might just be worth it.

The Air Tag

Step into the world of Apple AirTag, priced at a pocket-friendly £29! These little wonders, about the size of a coin, bring a whole lot of convenience right to your fingertips. Attach them to your jacket, backpack, or just slip them into your pocket – there are loads of accessories to choose from. With no monthly fees and a battery life that goes on for a year, this nifty gadget is your hassle-free sidekick.

Now, when it comes to performance, the AirTag doesn’t disappoint. But, here’s the deal – for it to spill the beans on its location through Apple’s Find My network, there needs to be another Apple buddy nearby, hooked up to the internet. So, if your child doesn’t have an Apple device with cellular powers, tracking them on the school bus needs a pal with an iPhone or an Apple Watch on the bus – like another student or the friendly bus driver. Without Apple gadgets on board, the location stays put.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind – to check where the AirTag is, you’ll need yet another Apple device. First off, it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for the setup. After that, a Mac can join the party to keep tabs on where the AirTag’s hanging out. Unfortunately, if you’re rolling with a Windows or Android crew, AirTags won’t be your go-to tracking solution.

Perfect for keeping tabs on everyday stuff like backpacks, keys, or anything that doesn’t need urgent tracking, the AirTag is your go-to choice for smooth sailing in the world of location monitoring.

Pocket Finder

Introducing the PocketFinder, priced at £159.00! This little gadget fits snugly into your child’s jacket or backpack, and guess what? It even comes with a clip and lanyard for some extra style!

Now, let’s dive into the fun features: Geofencing Magic lets you set up invisible safety zones to keep an eye on your little one; Location History allows you to peek into the past and see where the day’s adventures took them; Real-Time Tracking keeps you in the loop with live updates on your child’s whereabouts; the SOS Button is a superhero button for emergencies – just a tap away for your child; Tamper Alerts give you a heads-up if someone’s trying to mess with the gadget, and Two-Way Chit-Chat keeps you connected through the app – because communication is key!

So, there you have it – PocketFinder is not just a tracker; it’s a little friend keeping your child safe and sound.

Garmin Bounce

Guess what? Garmin rolled out their newest kids’ smartwatch, the Bounce. Packed with cool features, this watch is not just about tracking – it’s got real-time location updates, communication goodies, health and sleep tracking, games, and a bunch more fun stuff.

Now, when it comes to keeping tabs on your little one, the Bounce has got your back. Parents can hop onto the Garmin app and use location tracking to see where their child is right now. And get this – you’ll even get a heads up when they wander outside the areas you’ve given the green light to.

Here’s a nifty add-on – with Garmin’s LTE connectivity, your kid can text and send voice messages back and forth with up to 20 contacts you’ve given the thumbs up to. It’s like having a little chat buddy on their wrist.

But that’s not all! The Bounce doesn’t just track location; it also keeps an eye on your kid’s health. It dishes out info on sleep, steps, and active minutes – a handy tool for looking after your growing munchkin. And to make staying active more fun, Garmin threw in some games. Kids can earn cool rewards for hitting their activity goals or tackling the chores you’ve set for them.

So, there you have it – Garmin’s Bounce isn’t just a watch; it’s a whole adventure on your child’s wrist.

SyncUp Kids Watch

Got little ones who aren’t quite ready for a smartphone but are definitely up for a cool gadget? Well, T-Mobile’s got the SyncUp Kids Watch.

The wrist-buddy, the SyncUp watch, sets you back £174. Now, what’s the deal with this gadget? Think of it like a mini-smartwatch for kids. It’s got a camera, so your child can take photos. And here’s a cool feature – the task manager. Parents can toss in some chores or tasks for their child to tackle after school.

And the fun doesn’t stop there – the interface is all playful and easy for a kid to handle. Plus, there’s a School Mode that dials down the extra features during class time, keeping distractions at bay. So, it’s not just a watch; it’s a playful tech sidekick for your little one!

Xplora X5 Play

Say hello to the Xplora X5 Play watch – the cool gadget that uses GPS, active Wi-Fi, and GSM triangulation for real-time tracking! Safety is its middle name with geo-fencing, letting you create safety zones around places like home and school. If your little one decides to venture out of these zones, you’ll get a heads-up.

Now, let’s talk style – it comes in three awesome colours: blue, black, and pink. But it’s not just a looker; it’s loaded with features! Your child can make voice calls to pre-saved numbers, send texts with emojis, activate an SOS mode if needed, and even snap photos with its 4GB camera.

There are no games on the watch itself, but here’s the fun part – there are games waiting for your little one on the GoPlay app. Every 1,000 steps they take, they bag themselves an Xcoin, which can be traded for real prizes in the GoPlay store. Just a heads-up, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet for this extra fun.

Here’s the lowdown – for the adventure to begin, there’s a minimum one-year £7.99 subscription. But hey, with all the cool stuff this watch brings, it’s a small price for your kid’s big adventure!

As parents, we understand that the safety of our little ones is paramount. The Best Kids GPS trackers and wearables of 2023 are not just gadgets – they are your allies in nurturing independence while ensuring the well-being of your children. Invest in peace of mind, and let the adventures begin! Safe travels, fellow explorers!

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