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mother with 2 children at an airport

Travelling with children can be both a blessing and a challenge. While it offers the opportunity to create lasting memories and experiences, flying with kids often poses difficulties, particularly in keeping them engaged at airports. To alleviate this concern, we have compiled a list of US airports that offer great play areas for children, ensuring a more enjoyable family travel experience. These selected airports understand the importance of catering to young travellers and have implemented engaging activities to keep them entertained.

Washington Airport

Dulles International Airport in collaboration with NASA has created an exciting play area for young travellers. Situated in Concourse B, near gate B70, this play area offers a thrilling and engaging experience for children. Named “The FunWay,” it provides interactive game displays that allow kids to have fun while learning. Children can slide down “Tommy Tower” and explore the “Supersonic Jet” and “Hyperwing” climbing structures, igniting their imagination and sense of adventure. The FunWay also offers free aviation-themed crossword puzzles, word searches, and fascinating facts about the wonders of air and space, providing educational entertainment for young minds. To ensure a comfortable experience for parents, the play area is equipped with comfortable seating and charging stations conveniently located around the perimeter. However, it’s important to note that children must be supervised by adults at all times for their safety and well-being.

Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles Airport now features a children’s play area called “LAX Beach” within the New Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). Designed for children aged 2 to 11, this unique play area offers a slide, light table, and blocks puzzle, providing a well-managed amenity not commonly found in other airports. The play area’s hand-painted, soft, sculpted foam elements resemble waves and beach toys, reflecting TBIT’s Pacific Ocean-inspired design. Parents can comfortably observe their children from nearby seating, making LAX Beach a delightful addition for families travelling through the LAX Airport.

Miami Airport

At the Miami Airport you will find an interactive space for children. This is located near Concourse E security checkpoint and post-security Concourse D. At this play area, children can listen to real pilot conversations at the Control Tower, learn about flying at the Learn To Fly exhibit, explore Miami from an airplane cockpit at Clear for Takeoff, and even enjoy simulated hot air balloon rides at I Spy Miami From The Sky. The play area also includes a Toddler Play Space for the little ones to crawl through tunnels and engage in tactile-learning activities. Plus, parents can capture memorable moments at the Plane Crazy selfie station with a five-foot-tall touch screen monitor.

Minneapolis Airport

There are two fantastic children’s play areas at Minneapolis Airport. These play areas are located on Concourse C in Terminal 1 and inside the security area in Terminal 2. Both play areas offer exciting features such as a mock airplane, air traffic control tower with slides, and comfortable seating for adults, some even equipped with nearby electrical outlets. Terminal 1 also boasts popular pay-kiddie rides.

Portland Airport

Discover two fantastic play areas at Portland Airport. These play areas will surely keep your little ones entertained. Take a break and rest your weary legs on the nearby seats (just be careful not to doze off!). On Concourse D, near Gate D7, you’ll find the play area that is designed for children aged 1-6, featuring parent seating, shoe holders, and a soft floor. Meanwhile, on Concourse C you will find airplane-themed play space for toddlers and even a small cinema at the Hollywood Theatre, showcasing all-ages films by indie directors.

Seattle Airport

The play area at the Seattle Airport is located across from Gate A1, near Gate B1 just after security. The aviation themed play area is great for toddlers and children until 6 years. There are also a family restroom and a nursing room, just by the play area.

Cincinnati Airport

The play area at Cincinnati Airport is located at Gate 4. The play area features a variety of soft-surface climbing toys and a cushioned floor for their safety and comfort. This is great for toddlers and young children.

Philadelphia Airport

The Kid’s Corner at the Philadelphia airport is an exciting one. Children will find various educational resources, including engaging tools, printable games, and activities. To fuel their curiosity about the thrilling world of aviation, there’s also a list of recommended books.

John F. Kennedy Airport

The children’s play at John F. Kennedy Airport is found at Terminal 5, near gate 12. With a fantastic pirate-themed playground, children are in for an exciting playtime. But that’s not all! For the little ones aged 2 to 12 who are also aviation enthusiast, there is a JetBlue aviation-themed play area near gate 26. And if you find yourself in Terminal 8, near the American Airlines Admirals Club, there’s yet another play area waiting for you.

Pittsburgh Airport

Kidsport at Pittsburgh International Airport, is where creativity and family fun come together! Whether you’re passing through Concourse C or seeking an exciting family activity, Kidsport is the perfect destination. Silly Faces will mesmerize you with its captivating video wall, while Motion Machine utilises cutting-edge technology to make you the star of the show. In Silly Faces, simply press a button to capture your unique looping video portrait, while Motion Machine engages your body movements, triggering camera recording with a glowing red light indicator. There are also see-saws for the little ones.

Reagan Airport

The play area at Reagan Airport is located near the north security checkpoint exit in National Hall. This dedicated play area provides a safe and comfortable space for children to explore the wonders of aviation. Children can engage with Interactive Game Displays, zip down the Jetsetter Slide, and navigate the Cloud Crawler to enhance their motor skills. Curiosity Runway is the perfect spot for children to have a blast and learn while waiting for their flight. For parents seating and charging stations are available around the perimeter of Curiosity Runway.

Fort Lauderdale Airport

The play area at Fort Lauderdale Airport is located at Terminal 1, between Concourse A and B. The play area has a cloud-inspired installation that has lots of climbing areas and a slide to keep the kids entertained. Concourse A is just a short five-minute walk away. If you have some spare time, it’s well worth strolling over to Concourse A for a delightful meal too.

Harry Reid Airport

The delightful Kids Play Area is located in Terminal 1 at Harry Reid International Airport. Situated on level 2 above the rotunda, at Gate D, this engaging space is the ideal spot to let your little ones burn off some steam before your flight.

While the airports mentioned above cater for the needs of young travellers with dedicated play areas, there are several other airports that offer alternative entertainment options. These options include exploring shops, checking out terminals, viewing aquariums, visiting art galleries, and engaging in various activities to keep children entertained.

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