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Travelling with your family and in need of buying a new luggage? We all know that choosing the right luggage can make all the difference. So, we’ve rounded up the top 5 luggages for family travel, each bringing its unique set of features to ensure a smooth journey for the whole clan.

1. Samsonite Elevation Plus Carry-On Spinner

Samsonite Elevation Plus Carry-On Spinner

Picture this: a 23-inch travel sidekick that’s not just a bag but a travel organiser extraordinaire. The Samsonite Elevation Plus Carry-On Spinner is designed to keep you effortlessly organised with plenty of pockets, built-in compression, and a front outer compartment for quick access to essentials. The handlebar adjusts for ergonomic comfort, and its durable hardside polypropylene shell ensures your belongings are well-protected. A nifty built-in AirTag holder adds an extra layer of convenience. This luggage is everything from sturdy, sleek and lightweight.

2. Signature Hardside Large Checked Spinner Suitcase Open Story

Signature Hardside Large Checked Spinner Suitcase Open Story

For those extended family holidays, the Signature Hardside Large Checked Spinner Suitcase Open Story is your go-to. At 29 inches, it accommodates a large load without sacrificing comfort. Crafted from polycarbonate, with a lightweight yet durable hardside material, this suitcase features an expandable zipper for added space. Scratch-resistant and stylish, it’s a reliable travel companion. Plus, it’s a steal considering its size.

3. Orvis Trekkage LT Adventure 80L Checked Roller Bag

Orvis Trekkage LT Adventure 80L Checked Roller Bag

Built to endure any adventure, the Orvis Trekkage LT Adventure 80L Checked Roller Bag is a hybrid marvel. With a tough soft-side fabric atop a hard-shell bottom, this bag combines durability and functionality. The lightweight, water-repellent fabric is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice. This luggage also has two separate compartments, facilitating shared packing among families.Designed with ergonomics in mind, it promises easy repairs for a lasting journey.

4. Monos Check-In Large

Monos Check-In Large

The Monos Check-In Large is designed to be simple, timeless, and high-quality. These luggages are crafted from polycarbonate for durability, with some combining polycarbonate and aluminium for added strength. The Check-In Large, boasts a super spacious interior and manoeuvrability. It’s easy to roll and has a sleek appearance. Notably, the brand’s 100-day return policy offers peace of mind, ensuring you get a refund if it’s not the perfect fit for your family’s travel needs.

5. Rimowa Essential Check-In Large

Rimowa Essential Check-In Large

When it comes to a classic hardside luggage, Rimowa is amazing. Focused solely on hardside luggage, Rimowa offers various collections, but the Check-In Large, is an ideal travel companion for families. While Rimowa tends to be on the pricier side, the durability and stability that this luggage have to offer, is just superb!

Choosing the right luggage for family travel is a crucial decision that can impact the entire journey. From smart organisers to eco-friendly options, these luggages cater to diverse needs, making them reliable companions for your family travels. So, pack your bags with confidence, and may your family adventures be filled with joy and ever lasting memories!

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