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Embarking on a family holiday with little ones in tow? Fear not! Whether you’re travelling with a baby, a toddler, or a kid, we’ve got you covered with a one-stop guide to ensure your adventure is smooth, enjoyable, and memorable. From nappy changes to snack times, here are 26 best tips for family travel covering early childhood to older kids.

Baby Travel Tips

baby travel tips
  1. Simplicity in Outfits: For babies, simplicity is key. Opt for onesies for flights or car rides for easy nappy changes.
  2. Packed Solids and Baby Food: Pack enough baby food for the journey if your baby has moved on to solids. Consider buying more at your destination if needed.
  3. Cozy Blanket Companion: Carry a snug blanket for your baby. It serves as a comfortable space for them to move around, whether at airports, rest stops, or the hotel.
  4. Crib Confirmation: When booking accommodation, inquire about crib availability. Ensure your little one has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.
  5. Baby First-Aid Kit: Don’t forget a baby first-aid kit. Keep it easily accessible in the car, diaper bag, or overnight baby bag for any unforeseen situations.

Toddler Tips

toddler travel tips
  1. Entertainment on the Tablet: Download shows, music, and apps on your child’s tablet before leaving for offline entertainment during the journey.
  2. Portable Potty Seat: Pack a portable potty seat for on-the-go ease, especially if you have a potty-training toddler.
  3. Balancing Breaks: Take breaks during travel, balancing sightseeing with relaxation for a happier trip.
  4. Fun Car Games: Pack entertaining car games for road trips to keep toddlers engaged and encourage bonding.
  5. Mess-Free Toys: Choose mess-free toys like Crayola Colour Wonder or window suction toys to avoid travel chaos.
  6. Rest Time Planning: Plan rest time for toddlers, even if they don’t nap daily. Align with their usual nap schedule for a well-rested trip.
  7. Pull-Up Diapers: Opt for pull-up diapers to reduce stress during flights, avoiding last-minute bathroom dashes or seat accidents.
  8. Familiar Comforts: Bring familiar items for comfort—plush toys, rattles, or blankets with home scents. Ensure you have duplicates.
  9. Pack Light: Pack less, as many things can be bought at your destination. This not only saves money but also lightens your load.
  10. Snack and Hydration Station: Bring lots of snacks and water for kids during travel. Choose light and easy-to-carry options for convenience.
  11. Pre-Travel Exercise: Encourage kids to walk or run around before a flight. Plan breaks during road trips at places with play areas.

Kids Travel Tips

kids travel tips
  1. Consider a Kids Club: Once your child is potty trained at age 3, consider accommodation with a kids club for added entertainment.
  2. Connecting Rooms: Opt for connecting rooms for more space and privacy, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.
  3. Double-Check Downloaded Content: Ensure your downloaded movies, games, and music are ready before flying to avoid any in-flight entertainment glitches.
  4. Extended Time Estimates: Double or triple your time estimate for family trips—kids have a knack for slowing things down!
  5. Device Charging: Charge devices for in-flight entertainment and pack a portable charger for the journey.
  6. Refillable Bottles: Bring refillable bottles for use at airports or water stations outside, saving money and being eco-friendly.
  7. Online Ticket Purchase: Buy attraction tickets online before your visit for discounted rates and to skip long entrance lines.
  8. Embrace the Adventure: Things might not go as planned. Embrace the adventure and adapt to surprises—it’s all part of the journey.
  9. Air Tags for Safety: Consider using Air Tags for kids’ backpacks to help track both your child and the bag if misplaced.
  10. Safety Discussion: Discuss safety with kids: Memorise your number, and instruct them to stay in one spot if lost.

Armed with these comprehensive tips, your family travel experience is sure to be a delightful adventure filled with cherished moments. Bon voyage!

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