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Embarking on a family adventure is a thrilling prospect, filled with the promise of creating cherished memories. For parents, however, the question of when is the ideal time to set out on a journey with the little ones often looms large. There are various debates and opinions on what the best age to travel with kids is. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of travelling with kids and help you find the sweet spot for a family holiday. Which will be the best age to travel with kids for you? Let’s take a look.

The Early Years (0-2)

travelling with a baby and taking their favourite soft toy

Ah, the delightful baby years! While your tiny tot may not remember their first trip, the experience can be surprisingly enjoyable for parents. Travelling with a baby under two might seem daunting, but many parents find this period surprisingly hassle-free. With less mobility and simpler needs, it’s often easier to plan shorter trips or even a weekend getaway. Just remember to pack those essential baby items and, of course, that favourite stuffed toy!

The Toddler Stage (2-5)

travelling with a toddler

As your little one starts to explore the world around them, you might find that the toddler stage is an excellent time for family travel. Toddlers are curious by nature, and new environments can captivate their attention. Consider destinations with interactive experiences, such as children’s museums or animal parks. Keep the journey manageable, and you’ll likely discover the joy of seeing the world through your child’s wide-eyed perspective.

Primary School Years (6-12)

travelling with young kids of primary school level

As your children enter their primary school years, you’ll find an opportune time for enjoyable family holidays. At this age, children can better appreciate and remember the experiences, creating lasting impressions. Opt for destinations with a blend of education and fun, like historical sites or nature reserves. Involve them in the planning process, let them choose an activity or two, and you might be surprised at the enthusiasm they bring to the trip.

Teenage Adventures (13+)

family travelling with teens

As your teenagers enter their adolescent years, you can observe the signs of them gaining independence and exploring new horizons. While teens may have their own schedules and interests, family holidays can still be a hit. Opt for destinations with a mix of relaxation and adventure, catering to everyone’s preferences. Encourage open communication and allow them some independence to explore on their own. A well-planned trip during these years can strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories before they embark on their own journeys.

So, what is the best age to travel with kids? The truth is, every age has its unique charm, and the perfect time varies from family to family. Whether you’re cuddling a newborn on a beach or exploring a foreign city with teenagers, the key is to embrace the journey at every stage. Cherish the laughter, navigate the challenges, and revel in the shared experiences that will become the fabric of your family’s travel tale. Happy travels, and may your adventures be filled with joy and discovery!

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