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Secret Greek islands for families? Yes, please! Sunshine, sparkling seas and exciting adventures await! Forget the crowded tourist hotspots and set sail for a hidden gem in Greece. Here are 9 secret Greek islands perfect for an unforgettable family holiday:

1. Naxos: Island of Myths and Legends

Naxos secret Greek island

Imagine turquoise waters so clear they’ll take your breath away! Naxos, the biggest island in the Cyclades, boasts stunning beaches like Agios Georgios or Plaka, perfect for building sandcastles and paddling in the shallows. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The island’s heart is a lush, mountainous wonderland, waiting to be explored on exciting hikes or family bike rides. Naxos is steeped in history too, with dramatic ancient ruins and exciting myths just waiting to be discovered. Don’t miss Naxos Castle and the jaw-dropping ruins of the Temple of Apollo. You might even get a family photo framed by the enormous Portara gateway – a must-do for any adventurer!

2. Tilos: Eco-warrior Island!

Tilos Greece another secret Greek island

Tilos is an island that whispers, not shouts. Here, life moves at a relaxed pace, perfect for families seeking peace and untouched beauty. Forget the noisy theme parks and flashing lights – Tilos is all about soaking up the peace and appreciating the natural world. Kayak across calm coves in secret Greek islands, explore hidden trails through rolling hills and discover secret beaches – the kind of adventures that make memories that last a lifetime. Eristos beach is a haven for families, with shallow, crystal-clear waters and soft sand ideal for building sandcastles.

Despite its small size, Tilos packs a punch for nature lovers. Hiking trails weave through lush forests, leading to secluded coves where you can truly escape the crowds. The whole island feels like a protected nature reserve, teeming with wildlife and vibrant greenery. And the best part? Tilos is a champion for sustainability, powered by the sun and wind, so you can relax knowing your family holiday is kind to the environment.

3. Paxos: Island Hopping Fun!

Paxos Greek Island

Set sail for an adventure on Paxos, a jewel among the secret Greek islands for families! The harbour is dotted with sleek yachts, while delicious restaurants perched on dramatic limestone cliffs offer stunning views to complement their yummy food. Paxos is a family favourite because it strikes the perfect balance – there’s enough to see and do without feeling overrun by tourists. While Galazio beach is a beauty, it can get busy. For a quieter scene, head to Monodendri on the east coast. The three main towns, Gaios, Lakka, and Loggos, are linked by scenic walking trails, perfect for a family adventure with a touch of exploration. And for those seeking ultimate escape, the tiny island of Antipaxos awaits just a short water taxi ride south.

4. Andros: Waterfall Wanderers!

Andros Greek Island

Andros, the jewel of the northern Cyclades, beckons with its wild beauty. This island boasts the second-largest landmass in the chain, offering endless opportunities for exploration among the secret Greek islands for families. Imagine cascading waterfalls hidden within verdant valleys, natural springs perfect for a refreshing dip, and ancient Venetian castles whispering tales of a bygone era. Gentle green hills roll across the landscape, inviting exploration on over 300km of well-marked trails. Don’t worry, the adventure doesn’t stop there! Andros boasts stunning beaches with calm, swimmable waters, the perfect reward after a day of discovery.

5. Koufonisia: Three Islands in One!

Koufonisia Greek island

Koufonisia isn’t your average Greek island trio. One island is off-limits for now, a treasure trove for archaeologists. But Pano Koufonisia, the tiniest of the bunch, is a dream for families seeking a secret Greek island escape. Despite its cool, under-the-radar reputation, it offers tranquility in spades. Explore hidden coves accessible only by foot, or hop on a water taxi to discover secret beaches. Pori beach is a family favourite, but trust us, all the beaches here are stunners. There’s just one main town, and it comes alive with a relaxed summer vibe, especially after dark. Want an extra dose of adventure? The nearby island of Kato Koufonisia is a perfect day trip!

6. Symi: Snorkel Paradise!

Symi Greek island

Symi isn’t your average Greek island either! Here, hidden coves with pristine beaches peek out from rocky inlets, accessible only by water taxi – an adventure in itself for little explorers! The crystal-clear waters, always warm thanks to the Aegean sunshine, make snorkelling a dream in this secret Greek island. The main town itself is a feast for the eyes. Painted in a kaleidoscope of neoclassical colours, it boasts charming restaurants and delightful alleyways begging to be explored. And if you can manage to tear yourselves away from the beach paradise, a hike around the remnants of Symi’s ancient fortifications offers a glimpse into the island’s rich history.

7. Lefkada: Beach Bums & Water Warriors!

Lefkada Greek island

Lefkada strikes the perfect balance for families seeking both excitement and relaxation. It offers more than just stunning beaches, boasting a lively atmosphere while remaining refreshingly uncrowded. Water sports enthusiasts will rejoice! Vasiliki Bay beckons with windsurfing and kayaking adventures, while Milos caters to thrill-seekers with kitesurfing opportunities. Lefkada Town itself is a charmer, with a picturesque harbour to explore and the historic 14th-century Agia Mavra church standing sentinel. Active families can delve into the island’s heart, a hilly wonderland dotted with olive groves, perfect for hikes and exploration. And when it’s time to unwind, Lefkada’s beaches won’t disappoint. Porto Katsiki, consistently ranked among Europe’s most beautiful beaches, awaits with its pristine sands in this secret Greek island paradise.

8. Antiparos: Secret Hideaway for Cool Cats!

Antiparos a secret Greek island

Antiparos is a Greek island straight out of a postcard. Think sugary-cube houses painted a brilliant white, doors in a vibrant cobalt blue, and pops of colour from cascading bougainvillea. Unlike its flashier neighbour Paros, Antiparos boasts a secret-island charm that has captivated even celebrities who value their privacy. But there’s more to this little gem than just A-list sightings!

History buffs can explore the imposing Venetian fortress of Kastro, standing stoic in the heart of the main town. Venture into the heart of Agios Ioannis hill and delve into the island’s unique cave system. Feeling adventurous? Take a day trip to Despotiko Island, an uninhabited paradise scattered with remnants of the ancient world. As evening falls, the main town truly comes alive. Quiet cobbled streets transform into a vibrant scene, with cheerful tavernas beckoning you in for a taste of local delights in this hidden gem among the secret Greek islands for families.

9. Skiathos: Lively Island with Hidden Gems!

Skiathos island - secret Greek island

Skiathos treads the line between hidden gem and lively favourite. While not exactly a secret anymore, it offers a delightful escape from the tourist throngs. Here, you’ll find an open-air cinema for movie nights under the stars, exciting boat cruises exploring hidden coves, and mountain bike rentals for adventurous families. Nature lovers will enjoy snorkelling adventures and scenic hikes. And no trip to Skiathos is complete without a visit to Koukounaries beach on the south coast. Powdery-soft sand meets a lush forest backdrop, with plenty of sunbeds and restaurants making it the perfect spotfor families to relax and soak up the sunshine in this secret Greek island paradise.

So, ditch the usual tourist destinations and set sail for an unforgettable Greek adventure with your kids! Explore ancient ruins, discover hidden coves, and create memories that will last a lifetime island hopping among these secret Greek gems!

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