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Visiting the country of England with kids should be on every family’s bucket list. There are various family-friendly destinations across the England, each holding various family-friendly attractions, and activities. Find out all about our top destinations to visit in England with kids, and make sure to download your free family travel guide.

Our Favourite Destinations in England


We’re not going to lie, Visiting London in general let alone with kids can be tiring and can’t all be done in a hurry or even just a few days. But with so many things to do for children of all ages, a well-structured plan and time will make a visit to the city worthwhile. And pack a raincoat – the weather’s mild but can be wet!

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Bath is an excellent family destination, with the city’s World Heritage attractions based very close to each other in the compact, easily walkable city centre. Most of the city’s main attractions, including the Roman Baths and the No. 1 Royal Crescent can be enjoyed by those of all ages. Visit Bath with kids for a fun and fantastic holiday.

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Bristol is one of the most family-friendly cities you’ll find in the UK. It’s full of attractions, family-friendly activities, playgrounds, galleries and entertainment for all age groups. Most attractions in Bristol are also toddler friendly, so this gives your little ones some time to burn off some energy.Book your ticket to visit Bristol with kids for some family fun!

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The Isle of Man

Hop on a flight or sail to The Isle of Man, located in the heart of the Irish Sea. The Isle of Man has an extraordinary story that is waiting for you to discover. Children can get in touch with nature and explore the outdoor activities, and sandy beaches here. Manx people are very friendly and happy to welcome you to The Isle of Man.

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All you need to know about travelling to England with kids

England is a family-friendly destination for several reasons. It’s language is familiar, and public transport is great!  You’re also spoilt for choice, with many places to visit, parks and playgrounds and many activities going on.

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