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hotel in Stockholm

If your visiting Stockholm, as long as you stay within the city centre, then most places are likely to be family-friendly. Check out the best family-friendly hotels in Stockholm, recommended by parents. Keep reading on!

Best family-friendly hotels in Stockholm

Our top recommended hotels for children

  • Scandic Talk Hotel – They offer a family room that can accommodate 4 people. Kids till the age of 12, stay in the hotel free of charge. Also, if a family has a teen, they can book a separate room next to theirs at a discounted price. Their restaurant menu also offers kids friendly dishes and crayons and colouring paper are given to the little ones at the restaurant.

  • Scandic Hasselbacken – Another kid-friendly hotel. Children up to 2 years stay free of charge, if the parents opt to have their little sleep in a cot. Also, children up to 12 years stay for free when using an extra bed in the room. This hotel has a children’s are with a playing room, offering drawing supplies, books, crafts and a TV area.

  • Scandic Ariadne – Like the other Scandic hotels, kids up to 12 years stay at no cost. What is different here is that during holidays and summer there are fun activities run for kids, such as quizzes and walks. There is also a play area with toys and crafts.

  • Långholmen – A unique fact about this hotel is that it was a prison in the 19th century and the hotel refers to their rooms as cells. This hotel is located in a tranquil park environment and it also has kids meals.

Bonus: All children up to 12 years stay free in all Scandic hotels in Stockholm.

Family Friendly Stockholm Travel Guide

If you want to know more about where to go, where to eat, how to get around in Stockholm with kids, get the full family-friendly Stockholm travel guide.

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