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In this modern world, capturing photos whilst on a holiday has certainly become a breeze. Yet, the abundance of digital photos poses a new dilemma: what to do with them? We all get into that situation where the cloud storage on the phone gets full. With hundreds of travel pictures languishing on your phone or memory card, it’s time to set them free. Travel memories are precious and deserve to be shared beyond the confines of a small screen. So, here are our top tips in what yo do with your family travel photos.

Craft an Instagram Wall In Your Home

instagram wall with family travel photos

Transform your digital memories into a tangible display by creating an Instagram Wall. Compile your family’s favourite holiday posts into an 8×8 inch square format, print them inexpensively, and build a captivating grid on a dedicated wall. This cost-effective decoration ensures your recent travels become a real-life social media feed in your home.

Design a Panoramic Poster

panoramic photo poster

Bring panoramic photos to life by creating a stunning panoramic poster. Select your favourite panoramic shot from your trips, have it professionally printed, and swap it into a frame. This will surely add touch of travel magic to your home.

Update Frames Around the Home

Update frames around the home with travel photos

Refresh your home decor with travel photos. Print highlights from your latest journey in various sizes and swap them into frames around your home. This simple change breathes new life into your decor and enhances your enjoyment of the displayed memories.

Create Family Photo Albums

Family photo albums for family travel photos

Make photo albums relevant again by utilizing online print services. Upload your photos, customize layouts, add captions, and create a personalized album. Print a couple of albums to share with your family, fostering a tangible collection of travel memories.

Share Photos With Family and Friends

sharing family travel photos with family and friends tip for family travel photos

Embrace the charm of sending mail by printing inexpensive travel photos and mailing them to loved ones. Grandparents, in particular, cherish receiving holiday print. This is a sweet way to turn your memories into shared joys.

Give Your Kids a Stack of Photos

give your kids photos to create a scrapbook

Print a stack of travel photos for your kids, allowing them creative freedom with their own set of memories. From room decorations to scrapbooks, let them decide how to use the prints, fostering a connection to your family’s adventures.

Create a Family Photo Tradition

Family looking at photo album

Establish a new holiday tradition with travel photos. Craft photo Christmas tree ornaments, look at photo albums on Christmas Eve, and hang the ornaments on the tree. This heartwarming ritual reinforces the value of experiences over material possessions.

Bonus Travel Photo Tip: Manage Your Library as You Go Along

Simplify the daunting task of handling travel photos by managing them day by day. Review and delete unwanted photos each evening during your trip, ensuring a library filled with quality memories.

In summary, transforming your family travel photos into cherished memories doesn’t have to be daunting. With creativity and a willingness to experiment, find the approach that suits your family best. Travel photos are meant to be enjoyed, so start capturing, sharing, and relishing your adventures!

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