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Exploring Italy with the little ones in tow? We’ve got you covered, with a whole spotlight of the best things to do with kids in Italy.

Italy is a fantastic destination for families, with its welcoming locals and a plethora of activities to keep everyone entertained. From uncovering treasures in ancient Roman ruins to building sandcastles on sandy shores, coupled with the delicious culinary delights, Italy is the ideal setting for an unforgettable family holiday.

Family at the beach in Italy

Why is Italy great for kids?

While Italy may not have many specific attractions tailored for children, museums and visitor attractions typically offer free or discounted admission for the young ones. Many places also cater to young minds with interactive apps, touchscreen gadgets, audio guides, and specialized tours.

Dining out is a breeze as well. Children are warmly welcomed in most restaurants, and with pizza, pasta, and ice-cream on the menu, good times are guaranteed. Although kids’ menus are not widespread, you can always request a half portion.

Navigating through cities may pose some challenges, especially dealing with steps, cobblestone streets, and speedy scooters, which might not be ideal if you’re pushing a stroller. So, take note of that.

Where are the best places to take the kids in Italy?

Italy’s historic cities offer a wealth of experiences, from exploring epic ruins in Rome to navigating gondolas in Venice and enjoying scenic climbs in Florence. Beyond the urban landscape, cruise Alpine lakes or embark on family adventures in the Dolomites. The southern regions of Puglia, Calabria, and Sardinia boast spectacular beaches, while Sicily impresses with its volcanic wonders.

Top things to do in Italy with babies and toddlers

In Italy with babies and toddlers

Explore parks, piazzas, and playgrounds

Cities with great art also have many parks and playgrounds, such as Villa Borghese in Rome, Florence’s Piazza della Repubblica, and Venice’s Piazza San Marco.

Hit the beach

Follow the locals and head to the beach, especially in Sardinia, Calabria, and Puglia, where you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers.

Visit theme parks

For older kids, explore various theme parks, including the popular Gardaland near Lago di Garda.

Best activities in Italy with young children

family at the beach in Italy

Explore ancient ruins

Visit impressive sites like Rome’s Colosseum or the ruins of Pompeii. Consider visiting in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

Wildlife watching

Spot dolphins in Taranto’s waters or explore national parks in Abruzzo to catch a glimpse of Marsican brown bears, wolves, and chamois.

Family-friendly museums

Visit child-friendly museums like Explora Children Museum in Rome or the Gelato Museum Carpigiani near Bologna.

Water Fun

Embark on aquatic adventures in Italy, from gliding through the canals of Venice on a gondola to cruising the scenic Lago di Garda or exploring the coastline of Capri. Italy’s waters offer an array of exciting experiences, and older kids with a penchant for adventure can try sea-kayaking in the Aeolian Islands or white water rafting in Calabria’s Raganello Canyon.

Engage in mountain sports

The Dolomites in Veneto and Trentino Alto-Adige provide an ideal setting for year-round sporting activities. Destinations like Cortina d’Ampezzo, Val Gardena, and Val Badia offer fantastic family-friendly facilities. Enjoy skiing, sledding, and snowboarding during the winter months, and indulge in hiking and biking in the summer.

Discover Iconic Views

Pisa’s Leaning Tower is a must-capture for the family album, while the Campanile on Venice’s Piazza San Marco provides a 360-degree view of the canal city. For heavenly panoramas, climb the dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome or Brunelleschi’s iconic cupola in Florence.

Best activities in Italy with teens & tweens

Family at the beach in Italy

Venture up a Volcano

Fearless teens can easily scale Mt Vesuvius, mainland Europe’s sole active volcano. Offshore, Mt Etna and Stromboli offer spectacular firework displays in Sicily, and when dormant, they welcome visitors on guided tours.

Delve into the underground

In Rome and Naples, plunge into eerie catacombs to witness where early Christians laid their dead to rest. For mesmerizing stalagmites and stalactites, explore cave networks like the Grotte di Frasassi in Le Marche, Tuscany’s Grotta del Vento, and the Grotte di Castellana in Puglia.

Embrace the football frenzy

Experience the thrill of watching Italy’s top football teams in action. Cheer on Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, head to the San Siro Stadium for Milan’s AC Milan and Inter, or catch Roma and arch-rival Lazio at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. Visit the clubs’ websites for match details, and if you can’t attend a game, explore these iconic stadiums on guided tours.

Italy offers a plethora of family-friendly lodging options. You can consider staying in self-catering apartments or agriturismi (farm stays), where you not only get ample space but may also have the chance to interact with friendly animals. Additionally, seaside resort hotels are thoughtfully designed for families, often providing babysitting services and exclusive access to private beaches.

Getting around Italy with kids is easy as Italy boasts an efficient train network, simplifying travel between cities. Connections to popular seaside resorts are easily accessible by train or bus. For more secluded rural areas, a car becomes essential for a fulfilling adventure.

Looking for more specific destinations across Italy? Get your free family travel guides to Italy with kids.